About Josephine Press

Josephine Press is a fully equipped fine art printmaking facility. We offer custom edition printing, platemaking, instruction and workshops for established and emerging artists. Josephine Press is owned and operated by artist/master printmaker John Greco, an MFA graduate of Kent State University, with more than 35 years of printmaking experience.

Assisting John are printmaker Phumelele Tshabalala, volunteer Shawn Waco, and intern Ixmal Henriquez.

John Greco has collaborated with over 600 artists, among them such notables as Glen Brunken, John Cage, Harry Carmean, Meg Cranston, Muramasa Kudo, Michael C. McMillen, Manuel Nunez, Joseph Piasentin, Raymond Pettibon, Nancy Riegelman, Hubert Schmalix, Arturo Segundo, Amanda Watt, and Mark Vallen. Working with and assisting John is an experienced group of assistant printers and interns. The staff is proficient in all media of printmaking with a special emphasis on alternative printmaking processes, intaglio, and digital integration. By providing quality facilities, a high degree of technical expertise and the intangible necessities of support and encouragement, they have rendered an invaluable service to the many artists in this community.

Josephine Press is unique in offering its facilities to artists in four ways:direct assistance and collaboration with a printer; unassisted printing; instruction in printmaking with workshops; and professional production printing. Please see our facilities page for rates and the workshop page for a schedule of our upcoming and current workshops.

Christopher John Gallery, the affiliated gallery, has an ever evolving collection of published prints from many of today’s current and emerging artists in many printmaking media as well as drawings and paintings. These artworks are viewable by appointment.

What artists say about us:

"No matter how long you've been doing printmaking you'll pick up some great new tips on a wide variety of techniques. I especially appreciated the integration of digital processes via transfer techniques into the mix of artistic possibilities. I also learned new ways to register multiple-drop monoprints. It was fascinating to see the different stylistic approaches to monoprint, monotype, collagraph, paper lithography, and transfer technique as demonstrated by John, Virginia, and guest artists Cecilia Davidson and Lisa Folsom Smithson." --Cynthia Kastan, Professor of Art, Cerritos College

"Josephine Press is a great place to get motivated by talented and artistic group of people, but also most importantly it's where I find my inspiration and creative stimulation. Surrounded by great artists and their works, in a secluded area right in heart of Santa Monica, and guided by an artist I deeply admire, I can easily forget about the outside world and truly focus on my art." --Gosia Wojas