Paper Lithography

taught by Camilla Taylor

Paper lithography is a fun and easy way to make a print.  This single day workshop is perfect for beginners or those just looking to add another technique to their repertoire.  This workshop is also excellent for teachers looking for a new project for their class.

In this workshop, participating artists will learn to make a printing plate using a simple black and white laser print.  We'll layer photographic images with flats of color to create complex and unique imagery.

Participants will also learn lithographic and  relief inking techniques, and use of a flatbed press as they print a small run of multi colored prints.

Saturday, June 6th, 10:30-4:30

Please come prepared with some photographs or imagery you'd like to use! 

This workshop is appropriate for beginning to advanced level artists.

Tuition is $90 per student, and includes all necessary materials.


Josephine press_1 copy.JPG